About Us

My love of wood started in my youth. My family had old pieces of furniture that needed lots of love. I loved my dad’s tools and often found myself playing in the garage with old drills and saws. I didn’t realize it at the time but making wood into things was something I would come to enjoy.

My first real woodshop experiance was in the college theater department, it was the first time I had access to professional cabinet makers tools. I spent four years building sets and doing lights and being a regular nuisance around the place. Fast forward a decade or two, I finally have my own wood shop, it’s too small but aren’t all wood shops too small. I do have some great tools some pretty good tools and tools that aren't so good.

I use modern and traditional tools. I use everything from a Camaster CNC Router all the way to my stanley 750 hand chisels. This has helped with both precision and craftsmanship. I do my best to source all my wood locally and from legitimate businesses that support the community. Please check out ScaleseMillworks.com, my preferred and local place to get many different species of woods.

I do my best to make pieces that last forever, throw away furniture is just not worth the cost in the long run.

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